07 avril 2015

Week-end Qi Gong au temple 15-17 Mai 2015

周末寺庙静心-八段锦习练 Weekend Qigong Temple Retreat-BaDuanJin 周末寺庙静心 - 八段锦习练Weekend Qigong Temple Retreat- BaDuanJin 时间Date2015年5月15日-17日15-17th May 2days 2nightsWe will learn the eight movements of Ba duan jin 八段錦 in this weekend retreat.This qi gong was created during the song dynasty and was modified during the Ming dynasty.This practice combines static postur, meditation and dynamism. It helps to cultivate the vital energy with body and mind.It is helpful for tendons and muscles but also organs, circulation in the body. Some... [Lire la suite]
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